TONADO VIETNAM provides services:

- Dismantle services for climbing tower cranes on the roof top of high-rise buildings / projects.

- Dismantle services for Fixed stantionary type, internal climbing type of tower cranes.

Some high-rise buildings/projects use climbing tower cranes to do construction. It faces with complicate matters to un-install climbing cranes when projects complete.

- Tonado Vietnam has  professional equipment (derrick cranes), which will help to dismantle and lift down the climbing cranes to ground quickly and safely.

- Tonado Vietnam will charge minimum cost for this special service.

- Tonado Vietnam uses professional equipment to do the job, not using un-safe hand-made tools.


Please contact TONADO VIETNAM for best services:


Mobile: 091.898.5698 - Email: tonadovietnam@gmail.com



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